JOYED Mission

Preserving The Joy of Handmade And Empowering Local Artisans

At JOYED, we believe that ‘handmade’ is timeless. And the people who take joy in making and preserving it—priceless. In today’s fast paced, commercialised world, only a patient rare few continue to pursue the time-consuming art of handmade, and often these artisans are tucked in hidden corners of the world—untouched by order forms, inventory dashboards and loyalty programmes.

From intricate textile weaves to ornate silver adornments, natural products and trendy tribal accessories, we at JOYED believe that these talented artisans are deserving of a wider audience. Our mission is to bridge these artisans with the world, and provide them with a global marketplace and community platform to promote their individual artistic creations—helping transform local artisans into global entrepreneurs in their own right.


JOYED Three-Pronged Mandate


talented local artisans in Asia by creating a global marketplace for their unique creations


lives by giving artisans the platform and tools to earn supplementary income through their life’s work


the global market to continuously buy, support and preserve quality local arts and craft