About The Founder

Parmeet Kaur

Parmeet’s interest and conviction in starting JOYED came about during her volunteering journey in Bhutan back in 2014.

She has always been a strong supporter and volunteer in causes that empower women and communities to be self sustainable, but it was her trip to Bhutan that sealed the idea of creating an online marketplace for Asian artisans, with the end goal of uplifting local artisans and their communities at large.

Parmeet brings with her 10 years of experience across various financial, investment and online industries in London and Kuala Lumpur; her most recent role being a Partnership Lead at Google where she worked with blue-chip regional clients in the travel & e-commerce sector, helping them with their digital strategy, online expansion into new markets, and development of a stronger online brand presence.

Parmeet’s grand vision lies in contributing and being part of a growing community of people who impact the world in a positive manner using the power of technology. Hence the idea and launch of JOYED, which is really just the beginning of an adventurous, JOYful journey ahead, one that’s poised to empower, uplift and inspire creative communities far and wide. While she isn’t hard at work, she’s constantly inspiring her work with a healthy dose of yoga, reading and travelling.